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Welcome to CSA International Airport

CSA is an airport that I've built on the shelves of a display cabinet. The first shelf contains 1:500 and is not part of CSA. CSA is located on the second and third shelves of the cabinet; the fourth shelf is currently empty. The actual airport is in the building stage and currently only the Domestic Terminal and the Second Councourse of the International Terminal have been built.

Airlines Serving CSA

The International Terminal, Concourse 1

The International Terminal, Concourse 2

Overview of Concourse 2Aerolineas Argentinas 747sp at Concourse 2Aerolineas Argentinas' 727-200 and 747sp at Concourse 2
A highlight of Aerolineas Argentinas' 747-200

The Domestic Terminal

VARIG and Western Pacific 737's at the Domestic terminalAeromexico 767-300 and Avianca 757 at the Domestic TerminalAn Overview of Terminal D featuring Avianca 757 &767, Aeromexico 757, and Western Pacific's 737

The Retro Terminal