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SAP Airport

The Ramon Villeda Morales International Airport in San Pedro Sula, Honduras is one of four international airports in Honduras. The international airports are: Toncontin (TGU, Tegucigalpa, Honduras), Goloson (La Ceiba, Honduras), and Roatan (RTB, Roatan, Honduras). SAP is located a on the edge of San Pedro Sula, city in Northwestern Honduras, and actually borders the city of La Lima. It has a runway with a length of 9200 ft and boasts a modern, 3-jetway facility. This new facility was built by Spanish intersts and opened in January,1997.

The  Old Passenger Terminal of SAP in 1985An overview of SAP in 1985A Transavia 737-200 at the old passenger terminal in 1985

The above pictures are from 1985. The Passenger terminal back then did not have jetways and is reminiscent of La Aurora International in Guatemala City, Guatemala. Having arrived at this facility during the majority of my trips to Honduras, I can remember very well seeing many aircraft parked on the tarmac. The old passenger facility is now used as the cargo facility at SAP. By 2008, the new cargo facility at SAP will be fully operational.

a sign at the front of the airportThe inside of the new Passenger facilities at SAP featuring several restaurants, marble floors, and elevators to the departure level.A view from the tarmac, SAP now feautures 3 jetway gates for international routes as well as several other gates for domestic flights. Plans include the addition of two more gates with jetways in the near future.

In January of 1997, a new facility opened and modernized SAP. In 2000, Honduras' International Airports were privatized and are now run by InterAirports, a company division of San Francisco International Airport (SFO). Modernazation is also a priority at TGU, in the capital of Honduras and a modern facility will be operational by the November of 2003. Spanish airline, Iberia, is planning to move their hub from Miami and might switch it to SAP because of security delays resulting from 9/11. If this were to happen, SAP could expect one 747 and A340 flight daily with several A319's, just from Iberia. If the hub is moved to SAP, expect some extension to the airport like more gates, etc.