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SAP Model

The SAP model is based on the Ramon Villeda Morales International Airport in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. I only have a small amount of space with which to work with, so I've built it to a space that will fit in my room, 2ft x 4ft. The models represents the section of the airport featuring the new terminal. For more information about the real SAP visit The San Pedro Sula Airport Page.

Continental flight 1968 is an early arrival.American flight 941 arrives from Miami.Mexicana A320 makes an emergency stop but all is well and the flight continues to Panama City as planned.
Copa 737-700 arrives from Managua.The Copa Airlines flight arrives at the gate.Tails at the Gates.

The following photos were for me by HNL-Chris using photoshop. I am very greatfeul for these cool pics.

A night version of AA' arrival to SAP. A late night arrival from Panama.